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History of J/XFS

Brief History

The J/XFS Forum was initiated by Sun Microsystems and IBM in mid-1998. Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems, De La Rue and NCR are also core members.

Year 2004


Publication of new J/XFS CEN Standard Version CWA 14329.

Year 2002


Next version of J/XFS due for release.

Year 2001


Release FDI 2.1.


Release FDI 2.0.


Release of FDI 1.1 (Adds SIU and Deposit to FDI 1.01).

Year 2000


Release of FDI 1.01.

Year 1999

Sept 16 - 17

The first CEN/ISSS J/XFS Workshop Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium. Host: CEN/ISSSIt was decided to release the J/XFS documents as CWA release 1 (CWA is the CEN Workshop Agreement).

May 26 - 27

CEN/ISSS J/XFS Workshop Kick-Off Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium. Host: CEN/ISSS.


First draft of Version 1.0 specifications completed.

Jan 18

Introduction of J/XFS to the CEN standardisation body in Brussels, Belgium.

Year 1998

Sept 17 - 18

The J/XFS Forum founded with initial meeting held in Stuttgart, Germany. Host: IBM.