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Welcome to J/XFS

Welcome to the new J/XFS Website.

Recognising the advantages of the Java language for developing finance industry applications, representatives of Diebold, IBM, NCR, Talaris, Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH and Sun Microsystems, embarked on an effort to develop a set of standard Java interfaces in support of the unique input and output peripheral devices used in the finance industry at various access channels including Branch Teller and Platform, Self-Service and Call Centre. This new standard is called J/XFSTM (Java eXtensions for Financial Services) for the JavaTM platform. This initiative has produced a finance industry standard for financial I/O devices that supports 100% pure Java applications while leveraging existing standards.

Utilizing the Java language, J/XFS provides a standard for a banking device subsystem with real platform and hardware independence which enables the access to banking peripherals for new Java banking applications. It also provides a migration path for current financial I/O subsystems and ensures co-existence between current Client/Server and new Java banking applications, so customer investments in banking device infrastructure are protected. J/XFS enables full transparency between the application and the device level while providing a flexible and extensible.

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